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Description of Decoppa!

Decoppa! is an application to create caricatures by putting together the trendy parts we have available for you.

You can make unlimited use of our more than 1000 parts for free! With this easy-to-use application you can quickly make a caricature just the way you like.

You can use it to make not only a caricature of yourself, but of your family and friends, or your favorite celebrities and artists - you can even give them away as presents!

You can share the caricatures you make with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Kik messenger, and use them as SNS icons and wallpapers for your smartphone!

In the timeline, you can view caricatures made by other people all around the world, and you can even like and comment on them!

In our timeline you can have a look at caricatures made all around the world, and you can even like and comment on them!

Let's start using Decoppa! now and show off to everybody what you can do!

-----How to enjoy Decoppa!-----

◆You can choose the style and parts you like☆

- Styles: From cute to funny, with Decoppa! you can make caricatures in many different styles!

- Parts: Eyes, nose, mouth, hairstyle,... You can enjoy more than 1000 parts free of charge! This is a much bigger amount than what other applications offer♪How you put them together is up to you☆ Let's make your own original caricature!

◆Let's move the parts♪

You can freely edit the chosen parts and it is so easy your caricature will be ready in no time☆

Rotate, distance, adjusting the angle, expand and reduce, move, change the color, undo, redo... We have prepared many useful functions for you to be able to make the caricature just like you imagined it!

◆Update the caricature to the timeline☆

You can update your caricature to the Decoppa! timeline. Let's show off your best work to others♪ The caricatures uploaded to our timeline are made all over the world! You can like and comment on your favorite ones.Let's find a fun way to use this application, by showing your caricatures to each other☆

◆Let's have fun sharing everybody's caricatures!

As soon as they are ready, you can send your caricatures to your friends by Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp,Snapchat,Kik messenger and e-mail.

You can enjoy the caricatures in many different situations... as a present for family or friends, for your anniversary with your partner, as a pastime while on your way to school or to work, or even as a conversation topic for parties.

Every time you share a caricature, you unlock one more part to use! Let's share many caricatures to get rare parts☆


◆Contact us

Correspondence language:Japanese、English

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